Home Repairs Ministries

How We Help

Home Repairs serves vulnerable homeowners in the metro-Atlanta area with critical home repairs. We are compassionate and inclusive, volunteer-operated, ethical and Gospel-Centered. We believe our work allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.

Home Repairs volunteer Joe Redmond with granddaughter in front of large pig statue

Learning new skills while serving others

He’s been in and out of retirement for several years, but he’s always seen the value in making time to serve others. Joe Redmond – a husband of 37 years, father to three, grandfather to five, and IT expert – first got involved with Home Repairs Ministries over four years ago doing repair projects with…


Faith-based roofing company partnering to help repair homes and hearts

Brandon Wolfe and Thomas Mcconnell aren’t just long-time best friends; they’re also the owners and founders of Roofserv, a faith-based roofing company.  Yahna Mcconnell, Roofserv’s director of marketing and A/R and Thomas’s wife, helps tell their story. “Before Roofserv, Brandon and Thomas worked at a different roofing company that constantly omitted integrity and honesty. As…


Volunteers help restore dignity to former missionaries

30 years ago, Don and Joy Norris bought their Gwinnett home. They lived there until 2009 when they moved to Peru for five years to serve as missionaries. The Norrises – now aged 88 and 75 – partnered with Peruvian churches to do children’s clubs. While away, they had renters living in their home.  When…


Retired civil engineer now enjoys seeing homeowners’ lives restored

He loves to give help to those who need it. But how did Bob Pyle, a civil engineer turned volunteer, end up with Home Repairs? It all started through the men’s group at his church, 12Stone.  “I love Home Repairs’ cause – helping seniors, single moms, and widows who can’t afford critical home repairs –…

Dot featured image

After decades, this widow received exactly the help she needed

Her bubbly laugh is full of joy, but she’s been through great difficulty.  Seventeen years ago, Dot’s husband passed away – and since then, life has been far from easy for this senior. “My husband and I moved into this house in 1981,” she said. “We had some repairs done over 25 years ago, but…


Disabled widower asks for help and receives better than expected

He’s been through a lot of struggle – and we’re so grateful to have connected with him. Here’s Shane’s story… “In 1997, I almost died in a car accident. Then in 2007, I had a serious work accident: falling 30 feet, I broke both legs and my back, had to have open-heart surgery, and every…