Home Repairs Ministries

How We Help

Home Repairs serves vulnerable homeowners in the metro-Atlanta area with critical home repairs. We are compassionate and inclusive, volunteer-operated, ethical and Gospel-Centered. We believe our work allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need.


A ramp gave this military veteran the accessibility he needed

He served his country and we were proud to give back when we learned he had a need. Here is veteran Mark’s story and experience with Home Repairs, in his own words. “I’m a tractor-trailer driver, and on January 5, 2021, I was in an accident in South Carolina and lost my left leg from…


Working for the kingdom: Marty’s story

Not many high-level businesspeople would have considered an alternate career in carpentry. But Marty Cuellar did.  Throughout his 40+ years as a quality professional, mainly in the food industry, Marty has always had a desire to serve – and a love for carpentry. It’s what’s led him on numerous missions trips over the years. “At…


New deck gives widow hope for a new season

Sitting outside and enjoying the change of the seasons is something many of us take for granted. For homeowner Carolyn, this simple pleasure was not an option. This Gwinnett senior was unexpectedly forced into retirement from her career as a nurse several years ago, due to illness.  Her financial situation became tight, making home repairs…


What does a kitchen sink mean to you?

Single mom Kendra and her 11-year-old son had been without a kitchen sink for almost a year. The stress of not having something so basic had worn them down.  “My kitchen sink and dishwasher had been torn up since November of last year when a water leak caused my cabinets to fill with mold. We’d…

Suzette Reeves

The Power of One

What can one person do? A lot actually. Take Dorothy for example. Despite limited means, she has literally been the hands and feet of Jesus – providing food and shelter for those without. Then there’s Suzette. This mom of three heard about Home Repairs through her church. Then her husband Matt began playing in the…

D Floyd

After years of helping others, this homeowner gets the help she needs

On any given day, she might be feeding a homeless man, sheltering a single mom or renting a room to a senior citizen. Dorothy’s door is always open and her heart is always for those in need. So when Suzette Reeves was introduced to Dorothy through a friend and saw how this long-time resident of…