Her bubbly laugh is full of joy, but she’s been through great difficulty. 

Seventeen years ago, Dot’s husband passed away – and since then, life has been far from easy for this senior.

“My husband and I moved into this house in 1981,” she said. “We had some repairs done over 25 years ago, but there have been other repairs that I’ve needed for decades.” 

No matter how hard she tried, Dot couldn’t seem to keep up with all of them.

In particular, the three windows in her kitchen allowed outside air into her home, making it colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. But because she’s struggled financially, getting home repairs done seemed out of reach. 

But one day, a friend’s recommendation became the key to getting the help she needed.

Dorothy, a friend of mine, suggested I talk to Home Repairs, and I thought that was a good idea,” Dot said.

So she called, went through the application process and was soon approved. A team of volunteers was able to come out and replace her windows, making what felt like an impossible task a reality for this widow.

“I told them just to do what they could, and they were at my house for several hours,” she said. “The volunteers were really nice and friendly and did great work.

“And now, I don’t have to worry about the wind coming in [my house]!”

Because of the window replacement, Dot’s utility costs will be reduced, as will the chance of rain and moisture entering her home and causing damage.

Getting help from Home Repairs turned out to be a game-changer for Dot: allowing her to age in place safely and happily in the neighborhood she calls home. 

“I’ve had some people tell me that my windows look so pretty, and I just tell them how happy I am to have them replaced – it was such a good experience,” she said.

“They’ve made a big difference [in my life]. I really needed that work done, and I just appreciate them doing this.”