Jackie and Butch Wheeler have lived in their home since 1980 and have enjoyed blessings – like neighbors that felt like family. But over the last several decades, they’ve carried more than their share of difficulty. 

“We had a single-wide [trailer when we moved here], but we got this one [a double-wide], because we had our four children living with us then,” Jackie said. “They’re all grown and married now, but two of them passed away with cancer – I miss them so much.”

Along with the grief of losing two of their children, the Wheelers have struggled financially, leaving them unable to pay to repair their home, despite desperate need. 

“We had a water pipe burst, so I put a board over it because the floor had gotten soft,” she said. “When I did my devotion on the sofa, I just had to pray that I didn’t fall through the floor when I stood up. 

“We just couldn’t afford to have it fixed, because my husband and I live on a fixed income, and he’s had lots of health problems lately. But I plead the blood of Jesus over this house every day. And there have been so many storms, but I just thank God that He’s kept our home.”

Jackie keeps a favorite passage from Psalm 91 on the wall to remind her of God’s love and care. And despite the struggles she and Butch have been through, their prayers were answered one day through a phone call from their son who lives nearby.

“My son called me about three months ago and said, ‘Mama, I found this church with a ministry that fixes floors and stuff,’” she said.

After giving Home Repairs a call, filling out the application and qualifying for help, the volunteer team came out and began working on the Wheelers’ floor. And Jackie is so grateful for the results.

“Having them here has been awesome,” she said. “They worked hard for hours, and I just pray that God blesses [the volunteers] tenfold. 

“I thank God for you. Y’all are special, and I really love you – and I don’t even really know you!” 

For anyone else who finds themselves in need of – but unable to pay for – home repairs, Jackie recommends Home Repairs Ministries for the job.

“You need to try them, because they are very awesome. In fact, I think they were just perfect!

“God has blessed me with this [new floor], and every time I walk this floor, I’m gonna think of those guys and all their hard work.”