shows volunteers standing on new completed deck

Carrie’s back deck was too dangerous to use.

“The back deck was just about falling in,” said this Gwinnett County senior. “I had needed it fixed for a long time.”

Home repairs are nothing new for Carrie, though.

“I’ve been in this house for 20 years. It always needs something,” she said.

But making those fixes? Carrie didn’t have too many options.

“I didn’t have any way of doing anything about it,” she added.

But then, a friend told her about Home Repairs.

“A friend of mine gave me a paper with Home Repairs’ name on it,” explained Carrie. “So, I called and they responded. A lady talked to me first. And then, two guys came out and looked at it.”

After Home Repairs volunteers looked over her project and did their prep, crews got to work.

“Carrie’s back porch was unsafe to walk on. It also served as one of two ways in and out of her home, so it was important to repair,” said Home Repairs’ Executive Director Mark Wolfe.

“Supported by Friends of Gwinnett Seniors, we were able to repair her porch and provide a safe entry and exit point from her home.”

Carrie said they finished work at her house — tearing down the old porch and building up a new one — in about three days.

“They were really nice men, retired men,” she said. “One time, I looked out and when they were tearing it down, there were about six or seven working out there. And then, when they were finishing up, I think there were three of them working on it that day. They really went through it.”

And how does she feel about her newly finished back porch?

“That was a blessing to me. A blessing,” she said.

“It’s so much different. It looks so nice.”

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