Volunteering time means giving a lot.

But for David Schwartz volunteering is just one way he gives.

Now officially retired after 40 years as a business owner and project manager, David keeps himself busy volunteering one to two days a week with Home Repairs Ministries.

In addition to sharing his time, David and his wife Nancy also give to Home Repairs Ministries. Their monetary gifts buy essential construction supplies for those in need.

“We give to our church, but I always wanted to specifically give toward home repair work,” he explained. “I’ve been there on site. I see the supplies purchased and know they are using the money wisely. So, I am happy to  donate.”

The couple said they feel blessed to be able to support causes like Home Repairs, saying it’s a joy to see what a difference the gifts can make.

Another joy for David? Working with a group of other Home Repair volunteers. Plus, he also loves starting a difficult job, seeing it through to the end, and knowing the finished project will be around for a long time.

Donors David and Nancy Scwartz

David’s love for building started in college. While attending the University of Nebraska to   learn construction management and engineering, he had plenty of time to practice his craft. David worked his way through college mostly doing carpentry work for different commercial builders who needed a young man with both skills and desire. 

More recently, through his work with Home Repairs, David has used his gifts to build decks and handicap ramps. He’s even helped reconfigure floorplans to accommodate wheelchairs, making it possible for homeowners to navigate their own home.

“At my church, I’ve noticed that everyone has a different gift,” he explained. “For some, it’s hospitality. For others, it’s cooking a good meal. I enjoy construction and repairing homes. This is my gift. I’m not a great speaker! In fact, getting up in front of a crowd is not what I enjoy doing. But I can do home repairs, and it is my way of giving back.”