She knew something was wrong, but she didn’t know how to repair it herself. 

A retiree living far away from family, Sue wasn’t in a position to fix her home’s increasingly obvious repair problems.

“I noticed in my living room, by the sliding glass door, that the floor was getting soggy. It would squish when I walked on it,” she said. “I wondered what it could be.  I thought maybe it was something underneath the house or in the crawl space.”

The sliding glass door is relatively new  – it was installed two years earlier. But the wood around the door being drenched in water allowed ants into her home.

“They were big, and I’d been seeing them for about a month. I wouldn’t go outside, because I didn’t even want to step on the squish of the rug,” Sue said.

She called a local waterproofing company to come and look at the moisture problems. But their quote turned out to not be the one she wanted, or needed. 

“After taking a look around, they quoted me $11,000 – for a fan system and lighting in the crawl space. I could have lived down there,” she laughed, “but that wouldn’t have even fixed the problem with the floor.  I would’ve had to find somebody to do that, too.”

From that quote, Sue knew she needed another option. 

Remembering the work she’d previously had done by Home Repairs – thanks to the recommendation of a friend – Sue decided to reach out and see what Home Repairs could do to help.

Luckily, they were able to do exactly what she needed, at no cost.

“When I reached out [to Home Repairs], they said they were familiar with this problem and knew what to do,” she said. “And they were quite quick to come over. They didn’t just say ‘We’ll see you in a week or so.’ They got the supplies and everything and were over the next day. 

“I was impressed by how quickly they did it, and I haven’t had a problem – or any more ants – since then. They’re very nice gentlemen, and I really appreciate it.”

Sue knows that there are others out there struggling to afford home repairs that they desperately need. And while it can take some courage to ask for help, that’s exactly what Sue urges others to do.

“I would say: Rather than struggling with who you’re going to call, give [Home Repairs] a call first,” Sue said. 

“I even sent them a donation; it was worth it! I’m grateful that I met them.”