It might sound like an ordinary project.

But trading carpet for hardwood and repairing a hole in the floor made a world of difference for Betty, a caregiver for her parents, both in their mid-80s.

man on floor of kitchen with flooring being installed

“It’s especially good for my father because he’s on a walker,” she explained. “So, it’s made life much easier.”

Getting this work done felt like a hurdle, though, until one day at her church — Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist in Duluth — Betty heard about Home Repairs

“Once I found out about the work they do, I went ahead and signed up because I couldn’t afford to do it on my own. But it was work that needed to be done,” explained Betty. 

With the help of Home Repairs volunteers, the carpets in Betty’s foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen were all swapped with hardwood.

Mark Wolfe, Home Repairs’ executive director, said they originally came to Betty’s house thinking they’d help in another way.

“The original scope of Betty’s project was to repair a hole in the kitchen floor and install new flooring there,” he explained. “But starting work, we discovered loose carpeting in the living room, dining room and hallways. This presented a trip hazard for her parents.”

close up of kitchen with exposed holes and issues in fflooring

Together with Friends of Gwinnett Seniors, volunteers were able to update all the flooring with a hard surface.

“Working with Friends of Gwinnett Seniors, who provided financial support for new flooring material for all of the rooms, we removed the carpet and installed a safer flooring surface,” added Mark. 

Another perk of this project? Getting the chance to spend some time with Betty’s family.

“During our project, I had the opportunity to talk with Betty’s dad and hear a bit of his story,” said Mark. “Everyone has a story to tell and I’m glad that I got to hear a bit of his.”

Betty said she appreciated the volunteer crew who installed her hardwood.

“They did an excellent job,” she said. “Come lunch time, I went and got lunch for them and I didn’t mind doing that at all.”

“They’re a nice bunch of Christian people. I would definitely have them back again. For homeowners in need, Home Repairs is a great option,” she added.

“It definitely saves you money for one thing,” said Betty. “And it’s an excellent bunch of workers who come in and do the work.”

new ekitchen flooring after being replaced by HRM