Sitting outside and enjoying the change of the seasons is something many of us take for granted. For homeowner Carolyn, this simple pleasure was not an option.

This Gwinnett senior was unexpectedly forced into retirement from her career as a nurse several years ago, due to illness. 

Her financial situation became tight, making home repairs completely inaccessible.

 “I’ve struggled to keep my house; it’s honestly a miracle I’m still in my house,” Carolyn said.

Unfortunately, one part of her home – the back deck – had become too unsafe for her to use.

“I’ve not been able to go out on the deck for several years, because I was afraid I’d fall through the rotten boards. It was a safety hazard for my grandchild as well,” she said. “It had needed repairing for years, but things just got progressively worse.” 

Because of her limited income, Carolyn didn’t have any way to get the help she needed.

“I had talked to someone about getting the deck replaced, but it was just not possible for me – I didn’t have the money to do it. I had basically given up on it and decided I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore,” she said.

Then one day, while on Facebook, Carolyn came across Home Repairs Ministries. From there, she visited Home Repairs’ website and found that she was eligible to apply for help.

“It was like someone put that post there [for me], and I just saw it,” she said. “After filling out the application, I got an approval email, and several weeks later, the repairs were done.

“I’m so glad they came,” Carolyn said. “The volunteers were very professional – they did their job, and everything was just great.”

From her experience and the difference it’s made in her own life, Carolyn encourages people to give to Home Repairs:

“I could not have afforded to have the job done on my own. If someone was considering donating, I would tell them that this really is a worthy cause to give to,” she said. 

The repairs Carolyn once thought were out of reach have allowed her to regain a little piece of life she thought she’d lost.

“It feels very nice to be able to go outside and not worry about falling through the floor,” Carolyn laughed. “Before, I couldn’t even sweep leaves off the deck; now I’m able to go outside and enjoy the fall weather. 

“I’m extremely appreciative of all the work the volunteers did.”

To make a difference in the lives of local homeowners like Carolyn, visit and give today.

(Name changed for homeowner’s privacy)