When we met Ms. Ingram, she was in the midst of a very painful period of suffering. She was a widow of two years and shortly after her husband’s death, she went blind. Then, her roof started leaking and part of her ceiling fell in.

The Lord has provided for her in some amazing ways. After four surgeries, her vision was restored. But she still had house problems to deal with – roof leaks and several other necessary repairs. That’s where, through volunteers and supporters, HRM was able to enter the picture.

The eave of Ms. Ingram’s roof was improperly built and had large gaps. We stripped the roof, rebuilt the way the fascia boards were attached (gutters had torn them loose), did a lot of deck repair and reinforcement, and installed long-life shingles. Representatives from five churches participated.

The project we were able to do for Ms. Ingram had an amazing effect on her. Here is how she described it:

“I’m very grateful to Harvey, Andre, and the volunteers for the very hard work they put into my new roof and all the major repairs needed. I’ve had my eye surgery and with my restored eyesight and new roof I can work. This is the biggest blessing I’ve ever received in my life and carries heavy on my heart to pass this blessing forward.”