It can happen to anybody: unexpected home repair problems. And with some – especially those caused by natural disasters – it can be years before they’re fixed. 

Single homeowner Merlene bought her home in 1998. After losing her job as a result of 9/11, she worked in several industries – from a FEMA contractor to an on-call Disaster Housing Inspector – until she became unemployed again.

When Merlene heard about Home Repairs Ministries through a friend, it was a major relief, because her home repair needs had kept growing over the years.

“I was able to do some caulking myself, but there was visible rot on trim around windows,” Merlene said, “and a cracked window from Hurricane Irma on the front of house on the second story. There was a nice-sized gap in it.”

Merlene needed assistance to keep her home’s needs from getting worse. And Home Repairs proved to be just what she was looking for.

“Home Repairs Ministries came out pretty quickly. Due to COVID, they tried not to be inside [the house] too much,” she said. “But they removed the old, rotted window trim and used materials – including a new window – I already had to replace it.”

Being in a tight position financially can make life a struggle. But Home Repairs Ministries is able to step in and bridge the gap between surviving and living comfortably and safely.

“At a time when I had no work – and very little money – they saved my home from falling further into disrepair,” she said, “and I am very grateful.

“The experience of having the volunteers work on my home was awesome. To all of the volunteers who helped me: thank you so much!”

There’s one other thing Merlene wants to make sure other people know about Home Repairs:

“They show up and are Godsent!”