Board member, volunteer, and donor Phil Orazi has been involved with Home Repairs for many years. And for him, serving others is truly an enjoyable experience, and one he wants to share with those in Gwinnett and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about Phil and his family, his perspective on giving, and his dream for Home Repairs Ministries.

Q: How did you first hear about Home Repairs?

My wife Eva and I heard about Home Repairs through our friendship with Harvey Anderson [Home Repairs’ former executive director]. We’ve been supporters of the ministry for about ten years now.

Q: What made you get involved with the Home Repairs board? 

I was looking for a way to get connected and serve the local community in my retirement years, and I believe God prepared a path for me to serve here. Harvey invited me on the board right when I was beginning to see the needs of my own aging parents. [This timing] gave me a firsthand view into the way many people just need a little help to make a huge difference in their lives, giving them hope and relieving some stress.

Q: What difference have you seen Home Repairs make in the lives of those that they help?

It’s amazing to be on a job site and see the excitement and appreciation of those we serve. We always strive to reflect the love of Christ. I’ve had the privilege of hearing our clients’ stories and praying with them, but we [the volunteers] are often the greatest benefactors of our work. We get to feel God’s presence and joy when we serve His people.

Q: Why is giving (time, money and/or talents) important to you?  

I get such great joy from giving and truly believe it’s better to give than receive. God made us that way, and when we follow His design for us, we experience true joy and peace in life. 

Q: What do you want others to know about Home Repairs? 

I want people to understand the great joy that comes from giving and serving. There are so many needs right around us – with seniors, single parents and struggling families – and we help give them hope and a safe home to live in. If you don’t know us, visit our website or volunteer to get to know us better.  

Q: How would you encourage someone to become a supporter?

Whether you can volunteer with repair jobs, give financially, or pray for our clients and our ministry, it all helps. And if you do make a donation, you can rest easy about where the money goes. Our operating costs are very low, as all of our projects are completed by volunteers.

Q: What’s your dream for Home Repairs?

First, that God would be glorified through all of our efforts.

Second, that we’ll be able to involve more churches and local businesses to serve even more people across the greater Atlanta area. I also want us to start similar ministries in other areas, because there’s something powerful about people serving their own local community.

Q: Do you have any stories you’d like to tell?

Our clients are just so thankful and renewed by what God has enabled us to do. But I’m also often impacted by the faithfulness of the men and women who serve in this ministry.

Working with people who pour their lives out for others and to God’s glory – it inspires and encourages me in my faith and service.

Q: Tell me about yourself – occupation, family, pets, hobbies, etc.

Phil with wife, Eva

I have a wonderful marriage of 43 years with my wife, Eva, and we have three grown daughters: Sara, Rebecca and Madison. I’m retired from a 40 year career with Chick-fil-A, and we currently live in Duluth.  

I enjoy cycling, hiking, paddle boarding, shooting sporting clays, and spending time with friends and family.

Q: What other community organizations are you involved in? 

I mentor school children in a local public elementary school through a program called Kids Hope. I’m an elder in my church and am shepherding a small number of families and discipling a small number of men in my neighborhood.