Photo of Brandon Yarnell in suit smiling at camera

How did you hear about Home Repairs?

At 12Stone Church, Bill Isaak and I volunteered together for several years and Bill told me about Home Repairs. A few years ago, I volunteered for a project with Home Repairs. I’ve had the chance to be a participant, supporter and, more recently, an organizer of the annual golf event.

What made you decide to get involved with Home Repairs?

I’ve always believed in Home Repairs’ mission to help those most in need with home repairs – something most people don’t realize is such a need locally. I know how expensive home repairs can be, and if you are on a limited or fixed income, that burden can be devastating. Involvement in this ministry truly helps to benefit our local community in a meaningful way.

What is your goal as a board member?

To continue to expand the impact of HRM. As more people become aware of the ministry’s mission and impact, there will be more opportunities to grow and help people in need. Specifically, I intend to become more closely aligned with potential supporters during their budgeting periods, help them buy into our long-term vision, and return deserved recognition and thanks to our supporters.

What difference have you seen Home Repairs make in the lives of those that they help?

Home Repairs lifts a tremendous burden off of those it serves, bringing immeasurable peace of mind to these homeowners. Not only does HRM address immediate needs, but it also helps to prevent problems from compounding into bigger, unmanageable issues down the road.

What was it like being on a job site?

The project focused on repairing a crawl space, and it was an extremely large and costly project. The man power alone that day, with the 12 to 15 volunteers on the job, would have cost around $10,000 for a contractor to do. There was such a huge outpouring of support, and though I definitely don’t consider myself overly skilled as a repairman, I plan to get out more in the next couple of years to do hands on projects.

Tell us a little about you…

I’m a national account manager for a hand and power tool company. My focus is online, which has grown like crazy since COVID-19. I live in Suwanee with my wife and we have two boys, ages 4 and 6, and my 20-year-old stepdaughter. Our favorite things to do as a family are hiking, mountain biking, fishing – anything outdoors. We recently got a camper, which we’ve enjoyed taking around to state parks.

What other community organizations are you involved in?

I’ve been volunteering with 12stone Church since 2012, and I was a consistent volunteer with the Global Soap Project for years. Last year I had the chance to work with Kids Hope USA. It matches mentors with kids who have a difficult home life, who then visit them at school for an hour once a week to just have fun with them. I built a great relationship with a 10-year-old boy who unfortunately moved out of the school district during the pandemic.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m excited to see the impact of the new Home Repairs video. It helps shed a light on some repair stories, and I think it could be a great catalyst for showing people what this ministry does and how impactful it is.