Is an overseas mission trip to a third world country the only way to serve people in need? Not at all. As Richard Lusk, a long-time member of Home Repairs’ board, puts it, you really don’t have to go far at all to help share the love of God. 

Richard became involved with Home Repairs through Perimeter Church and his friendship with [former Home Repairs Executive Director] Harvey Anderson. That, coupled with a talent for making repairs and fixes, led to around a decade of partnership with Home Repairs Ministries. From there, Richard became a member of the board in an effort to serve even further.

“I’ve participated in all types of projects, both small and large, and have been on the board for about eight years, currently serving as treasurer,” Richard shared. “I just really enjoy working with these guys because they have a heart for the Lord, for ministry, and for helping people – I think that’s the real draw for me.

“I’ve learned a lot from a ministry standpoint on how to give back. It’s such a good cause, and there’s always people out there that need help. You don’t have to go all the way to Africa to help people; there are people here that cannot help themselves.”

A few years ago Richard was involved in a basement project. Between adding a bathroom and living space, it was definitely more than just a simple project. 

“It was for a lady with two handicapped children, and it was a big project with lots of guys working on it,” he said. “To see her appreciation and the joy that came on her face when she saw that she was now going to be better able to care for her children [was incredible].”

While experiencing the gratitude of homeowners is rewarding, that’s not the only reason Richard volunteers with Home Repairs. 

“I think giving of our time, money, and talents is Biblical. We’re called to share blessings that God has bestowed on us,” he said. “The people in this ministry have a heart to serve the Lord and a desire to help people that need home repairs. We don’t expect anything in return; we just see a need and a bunch of people – both men and women volunteers – meet it.”

Greater than his titles of volunteer and treasurer, Richard’s most important titles are husband, father, and grandfather. 

Photo of Volunteer Richard Lusk

“I’m retired, and I’m blessed with a wonderful wife,” Richard said. “She’s a strong believer and the greatest blessing our family has. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year.” 

He and his wife have two sons and seven grandchildren, ages four through 22. Richard enjoys playing tennis and golf as well as traveling. 

“Obviously, there’s not much travel happening now on virus time,” he said, “but my favorite place we’ve traveled was the South of France. It’s just beautiful there.”

As Richard has gotten to know the mission of Home Repairs so well, his heart – along with others’ – is to see Home Repairs’ reach grow in coming years. 

“Our vision has always been to expand and be available to serve more people in more areas of the city. You need continued financial resources and contributions from various supporters and a volunteer base to be able to do that. We always want people to join us as both project managers and volunteers,” Richard said. 

“To me, that’s what the ministry is all about – a desire to serve, acting on it, and trying to also share the gospel with people. We want to let them see the hands of Christ being played out in their own home; you don’t have to go very far.”

Volunteers like Richard are what make repair projects possible, and he believes in the power of these repairs to lead people to a life-changing, eternal relationship.

“We serve a God that asks us to serve others and show love to those in need. Home Repairs does this through both making home repairs and through sharing the Gospel,” Richard said.

“If you’re interested in helping in a way that serves the Lord, Home Repairs is a great way to do that. It’s a great group of individuals, a great cause, and a lot of fun. There’s a direct impact on the people you serve. It’s not like sending money to an organization far away; it’s heartfelt right here in our community. And to see that is such a good feeling.”

We can’t even begin to express our gratitude for individuals who give their time to serve and bring hope to homeowners in need. If you’re interested in joining our team of volunteers, click the Volunteer tab at