2022 was a year where things sometimes seemed pretty tough. But we have more than enough good news to share about how YOUR support and God’s goodness changed people’s lives for the better.  

“We faced many challenges in 2022 similar to those in previous years, though a couple stood out,” said Mark Wolfe, Home Repairs Ministries’ executive director. “The number of help requests we received increased to 186, and the scope of our projects increased in both cost and complexity. As we move to 2023, we’re working to address our capacity as well as new ways to obtain funding.

“Even in the midst of these challenges though, we completed 108 projects. Some involved working with our partners on large projects, like replacing failed roofs and completely re-siding a home. There were also small but important projects like installing grab bars and repairing broken steps. 

“Most importantly, we were able to help people who had no where else to turn. And all of this was made possible by the hard work of our volunteers, donors and partners.

“When I think about the work we do and the people who make it possible, this verse comes to mind: ‘Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. 1 Timothy 6:18’”

To ring in the New Year, we decided to highlight 5 of your favorite Home Repairs stories of 2022. Looking back on these stories proves that – despite great need – there’s so much success to appreciate. Let’s celebrate the good together!

#5 – Homeowner now living safely in her home of 26 years

Her hot water tank burst, and that ruined her carpet and her laminate flooring. As a retired, single woman, getting repairs done on her home didn’t seem like an option. But neither did moving out of the home she’d lived in for 26 years.

After reaching out to Home Repairs and being approved, the team came out to help clean up the mess her water heater had made. And from the start, Audrey was impressed with their work ethic and expertise. 

“They were always on time and very professional. [Home Repairs] was awesome – two thumbs up.”

#4 – Faith-based roofing company partnering to help repair homes and hearts

Brandon Wolfe and Thomas Mcconnell aren’t just long-time best friends. They’re also the owners and founders of Roofserv, a faith-based roofing company. And when they looked for ways to give back, they discovered Home Repairs through 12stone Church. After reaching out to Home Repairs Executive Director Mark Wolfe in September 2021, Roofserv and Home Repairs completed their first project together.

“Action is required as a Christian – whether by mentioning God in a conversation or doing a nonprofit roofing job, and we believe God blesses our company every day so we’re able to give back to people in need.”

#3 – Volunteers help restore dignity to former missionaries

Thirty years ago, Don and Joy Norris bought their Gwinnett home and lived there until 2009 when they moved to Peru for five years to serve as missionaries. But when Don’s health began to decline, the couple returned to Georgia. They then found their home had been trashed by the renters who’d lived there while they were gone. 

It became clear that more help was needed. Luckily, the Norrises didn’t have to look far.

“They were so polite and so kind, and they just got right to work. If we could pay them we would! You can trust [Home Repairs] completely. Their word is their word, and they’ll do anything they can to help.”

#2 – Learning new skills while serving others

Joe Redmond has been in and out of retirement for several years, but he’s always seen the value in making time to serve others.

“We’re commanded [in the Bible] to serve. And what always surprises me is the way I walk away from nearly all serving opportunities feeling more blessed than before,” he said. “It reminds me to pray for a grateful heart every day because I have been truly blessed.

#1 – Worth millions to homeowner, repairs give new life to back porch

Sheila, a 76-year-old retiree, has been a caregiver to her grandson Huey his entire life. Born with several medical conditions, 25-year-old Huey became paralyzed in a surgical accident when he was just 14. 

In addition to managing Huey’s medical challenges, Sheila also faced ongoing home repair concerns. While no amount of assistance can make up for the trials Sheila and Huey have been through, receiving critical home repairs helps bring some joy back into their lives.

“This ramp doesn’t shake when you walk on it! It would have taken me 20 years to do the work they’ve done in two days. Oh, I would love to just give them all a hug and a million dollars each. They’ve been wonderful and just kind during the whole thing.”