For all he knew, it was going to be a typical Sunday at Perimeter Church. But as John Manderscheid heard about the various ministries and ways Perimeter was involved in the community, one ministry caught his attention: Home Repairs Ministries. Not too long after, while on a men’s retreat, John signed up for a service project – a Home Repairs Ministries’ service project.

“[During that retreat] I also roomed with Harvey Anderson, who was Home Repairs’ executive director at the time. [As a result of the project and Harvey], I started helping with some of Home Repairs’ bookkeeping needs as well as some projects.”

That was in 2007. Since then, John has become a vital part of Home Repairs as a volunteer project manager and donor. 

“When I first started, I did not have the skills I now have,” he said. “Over the years I’ve helped put on new roofs, built additions for those with disabilities or families who are fostering or adopting, fixed leaking windows, repaired and built decks/handicap ramps, done bathroom remodels, yard cleanups, tree trimming, drywall, etc.” 

Being able to serve those in need is what motivates John.

John Manderscheid

“It’s always good to finish a home modification project that helps someone who is adopting or fostering children,” he said. “I enjoy helping seniors and single moms who need small repairs but have no resource for materials or skill to fix it on their own.”

John is also a financial supporter of Home Repairs Ministries. 

“I decided to become a donor after seeing the need [in the community] and [realizing] my resources from God [that allowed me] to be able to help this ministry as well as others. It is in response to what Christ has done for me that I want to serve Him by serving others,” he said. 

Not only does John serve with Home Repairs, but he is also involved in Fully Furnished Ministries as well as in community outreach at Perimeter Church.

After 30 years as a UPS Industrial Engineer, John is now retired. He and his wife, Alice, have three married children and six grandkids who all live in Gwinnett and Forsyth county. While he loves having his family nearby, John also enjoys traveling, when he’s not volunteering. 

Speaking of volunteering, John hopes others get involved with Home Repairs.

“What do I want others to know about Home Repairs?” he said. “That we love to serve. Come learn and serve with us!”

Thank you, John, for your years of partnership with us. We appreciate you!

Both volunteers and donors are what make Home Repairs Ministries able to fulfill its mission of repairing homes and hearts. Visit today to learn more about becoming a volunteer or financial supporter.