Her hot water tank burst  – which ruined her carpet and her laminate flooring.

As a retired, single woman, Audrey’s finances are tight – getting repairs done on her home didn’t seem like an option. But neither did moving out of the home she’d lived in for 26 years.

“I couldn’t find anyone to help,” Audrey said. But then she was referred to Home Repairs by Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries (formerly Norcross Co-Op). 

That’s when things began to turn around for the better. 

After reaching out to Home Repairs and being approved, the team came out to help clean up the mess her water heater had made.

From the start, Audrey was impressed with their work ethic and expertise. “They were always on time and very professional,” she said. 

Taking out the old, ruined floors, the team replaced it with brand-new laminate flooring. 

To Audrey, the volunteers’ attitudes went beyond simply finishing the task; they proved that they value a job well done. 

“They showed that they want to do the job right and to your satisfaction,” she said. 

For Home Repairs’ Executive Director Mark Wolfe, the focus is always on the clients, homeowners like Audrey.

homeowner Audrey stands on new laminate flooring

“Our vision is to repair homes and hearts, and there are many that need that sort of help,” said Mark. “We’re all about helping our clients stay safely in their homes.”

Now Audrey feels safer and better able to easily move around her own home.

“The Home Repairs team was committed, dedicated and worked hard together. And they did an excellent job; I love my new floor!” Audrey said.

“[Home Repairs] was awesome – two thumbs up.”

Audrey and Home Repairs volunteers