rotting siding of house close up

Linda is very involved in her daughter and grandchildren’s lives. She splits the tuition costs with her daughter for her oldest grandchild’s tuition and regularly watches her youngest grandchild, who is an infant. Then serious problems with her home’s siding started. The home, when built, had Louisiana-Pacific (LP) siding, a type of engineered wood that was more or less an industry standard when Linda’s house was built. The problem is, when not painted regularly, it falls apart. This is the scenario Linda was facing. To make matters worse, rodents were getting into the house through the rotted siding. To replace the siding, either her home or her grandchildren were going to have to take priority unless God made a special provision.

With her young grandson a frequent visitor, and her daughter reminding her of the condition of the home and urging her to take action, she knew that she had to do something. Additionally, watching her home deteriorate put Linda in a state of, what she described as, “continual grief”.

Despite all the stress she was feeling, she had a sense that the Lord was Instructing her to “wait” for Him to provide the solution. She did, and HRM donors and volunteers, along with a foundation which provided materials, were instruments of His provision. She gushed, “I was obviously waiting for you. For the Lord to prepare you to be used by Him as my answer to prayer.” In expressing her thanks, Linda added, “Only God can reward you for coming to the aid of His people. For me, this is no small blessing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Linda and her family posing with volunteer