A new partnership is helping seniors “age in place” and remain independent longer. Gwinnett County Fire & Emergency Services identified 132 seniors’ homes which would be safer with grab bars. They’ve purchased them and selected HRM as their partner to install them. Among those we’ve been blessed to serve are:

– A couple in their mid-80’s longing to remain in their home of 30 years.

​- A 90-year-old widow, living alone in the house she and her husband built in 1965. Her desire is to live the rest of her life in that home.

– A gentleman who had hip replacement surgery and suffered a fall in the shower, delaying his recovery process.

Not only do we install the safety equipment, but we also often get to hear their stories and pray with and for them. This is an ongoing program, so there are ample serving opportunities if you are looking for a way to get involved.  You can sign up here.