Wendell Willis was in a tough spot.

He only had one month to do what felt impossible.

The citation from Gwinnett County gave him 30 days to make repairs at his Snellville home. And if he didn’t fix it? Officials told this senior citizen he could face $1,000 in fines and even possible jail time.

But making those repairs happen didn’t seem doable either.

Wendell, who is disabled, had already done his best to make the repairs. He’d covered the faulty siding on his home and protected everything from the weather.

“I had had brown-colored flashing put up over the holes in my old siding so that no rain would get in,” explained Wendell. “It matched pretty well.”

close up photo of house siding needing repair

The colors might have matched. But apparently, the flashing didn’t match local building codes.

When officials issued the citation, Wendell said he explained his situation to them.

“I told them I was a senior citizen on a fixed income,” he said. “They gave me a couple of numbers.”

Home Repairs Ministries was one of those numbers.

“Wendell reached out to us after receiving a code violation for defects in his siding,” explained Home Repairs’ Executive Director Mark Wolfe. “He had previously paid for siding repairs. Later, he discovered that contractor didn’t do a proper job and they’re no longer in business. We were able to step in, make the repairs he needed, avoid fines, and help him stay in his home.”

Bringing the crew and supplies together, volunteers tackled the siding issues.

“They managed to get the siding here the day before. Then, they came the next morning and got the whole thing done,” explained Wendell. “They came pretty early and worked through the morning. They were done within three or four hours.”

three men on ladders repairing exterior siding

This hands-on support for homeowners drives the ministry of Home Repairs.

“This is what Home Repairs is all about,” Mark said. “Helping those with limited resources stay safely in their homes.”

Wendell said he’s thankful for what Home Repairs volunteers were able to do.

“It looks good again,” he said. “It’s a lot of peace of mind having them do this.”

Want to make a difference in the life of a senior citizen or other deserving people in your community? Your support could help repair homes and encourage hearts. Visit homerepairs.org to find out how.