It’s an old house, and they knew it needed work, but they didn’t know the full extent of it.

Brittany’s parents moved in thirty-five years ago when she was just a year old. But ten years ago, Brittany’s father left – leaving behind Brittany, his disabled wife and a derelict home. 

“My father had stopped taking care of it, but we didn’t realize how bad it was,” Brittany said. “We had siding and repair issues we couldn’t afford to fix, but the city of Duluth was saying it had to be done.”

Currently, Brittany, her son and her mom live in that house, and Brittany works for Wellspring Living, a nonprofit that aids those affected by sex trafficking. While her work makes a positive impact, with Brittany as the sole provider, things were difficult for her family – and some repairs were simply out of reach.

“We were just praying that something would come through, because we already live paycheck to paycheck,” she said.

Luckily, Home Repairs was able to step in and help. 

“I heard about Home Repairs through my church, Perimeter, and within a couple of days after my first call, the volunteers came,” Brittany said.

Due to the years of wear and tear, the home had multiple repair needs. The first time out, the HRM team fixed the gutters and fascia. 

“They also replaced the siding on the entire worst side of the house a few months later,” Brittany said.

When someone is called to do repairs, homeowners don’t always know what kind of service to expect, but Brittany was more than satisfied with Home Repairs.

“The volunteers were all amazing and kind and made an effort to say hello. They were also very hard workers and had great attitudes,” Brittany said. “We also saw them praying before the jobs, and that really meant a lot to our family.”

Home Repairs’ ultimate goal is always the same: to repair not just homes, but hearts, too. Brittany feels that both were accomplished.

“Home Repairs has made a huge difference in my life,” she said. “Without them we would have been cited thousands of dollars because we couldn’t afford the repair costs. It’s also given my mom and me peace of mind. To the volunteers that helped us, thank you so very much. We appreciate each of you and your willingness to serve others.

 “This is an amazing ministry that really makes a huge difference in so many lives; God bless each of you!”