Brandon Wolfe and Thomas Mcconnell aren’t just long-time best friends; they’re also the owners and founders of Roofserv, a faith-based roofing company

Yahna Mcconnell, Roofserv’s director of marketing and A/R and Thomas’s wife, helps tell their story.

“Before Roofserv, Brandon and Thomas worked at a different roofing company that constantly omitted integrity and honesty. As devout Christians, it became extremely hard for them to work there,” Yahna said. “After getting some ducks in a row, they were finally able to start Roofserv as a faith-based Christian roofing company, and it became successful quickly.

“[When we first started] we promised to God and to ourselves that we’d never let greed lead our company, only hire high quality project managers, and proudly keep God at the center of everything.”

And when they looked for ways to give back, they discovered Home Repairs through 12stone church. After reaching out to Mark Wolfe (not related to Brandon), in September 2021 Roofserv and Home Repairs completed their first project together.

“Our first project with HRM was really emotional. We were so used to doing high-end homes and mansions, taking care of the ‘well off’,” Yahna said. “Seeing a woman living with buckets around her house to catch water coming from holes in her roof – she slept with one by her head at night – and black mold everywhere was not only humbling but also motivating. 

“It was heartbreaking, but coming together to give this woman a better quality of life was a beautiful thing.”

And though they’re fully prepared to complete a number of difficult projects, the Roofserv team is also more than willing to help with tasks some would consider “small”.

One project we did was moving sticks and pine needles from the homeowners’ roof and pressure washing the gutters. While it was an easy job for us, it was life changing for them,” she said.

For Roofserv, the whole point of serving is to live out their faith. 

“It’s important to us to give back to the community without reaping any reward. It all goes back to the phrase ‘all talk, no action’. Anyone can call themselves anything, but words and titles [like faith-based] are meaningless without action,” she said. “We couldn’t justify calling ourselves a Christian company without putting some action behind it.

“Action is required as a Christian – whether by mentioning God in a conversation or doing a nonprofit roofing job, and we believe God blesses our company every day so we’re able to give back to people in need.”

Not only has the partnership between Home Repairs and Roofserv provided opportunities for like-minded friendships, it’s also enabled both organizations to accomplish more. Does your organization want to make a connection that positively impacts the community? Get in touch with our team today.