For Dave Lee, faith is an action verb.

And his decision to put faith in action nearly 20 years ago is still making a difference today.

It all started when Dave attended an idea fair sponsored by his church. That’s when he discovered a new opportunity — a chance to not just attend church, but be the church in his community.

“I was looking for something to do,” explains Dave.

At the idea fair, he met future friend and Home Repairs co-founder Harvey Anderson. The pair realized a ministry to assure individuals of a stable roof over their heads could be an ideal way to act out their faith.

Dave said he also saw it as a good chance to use his construction skills, having served as a project manager and then a vice president at W.H. Bass, Inc. 

Over the years, volunteering with Home Repairs often turned into a family affair. Dave, his wife Kay, and their twin boys — both general contractors themselves — have been able to work on projects together. Kay enjoys beautifying the yards of the homes being repaired

His motivation in volunteering both time and money to Home Repairs?

“Of all the ministries I’ve been involved in, this one makes such a difference in people’s lives. It’s true mercy. It helps people where they really need it,” says Dave.

Seeing the relief on the face of a single mom who goes from feeling mistreated and downtrodden to experiencing the care of a team fixing her leaky roof is the best part, he adds. 

“It’s as if they are thinking, ‘Someone cared enough.’,” he says.

For Dave and Kay, who are still active donors today, Home Repairs represents a chance to give back.

“We can never repay God for what He’s given us,” explains Dave. “It is incredibly rewarding and satisfying to work on these projects and know you’ve been used by God.”