What’s it really take?

Eons of experience, a background in construction, or a degree in building trades?

Plenty of Home Repairs volunteers do have a history in home construction. But that’s not a requirement. For us, it all starts with a willing heart.

Just ask Frits ten Pas. He’s a veteran volunteer with Home Repairs.

“I go way back to when Harvey Anderson first started Home Repairs at Perimeter Church, back before there was an official Home Repairs Ministry that was a 501(c)3,” explained Frits. “So, it’s been 15 years or more.”

Frits works with other volunteers a couple of days a week, tackling whatever’s on the schedule.

“I love to help out,” he said. “And I’m not a specialist by any means when it comes to home repairs. Like John Manderscheid is really good and so are a lot of other people on our team. Some of them can do anything.”

His talents do include a can-do attitude and a giving heart.

Volunteer Frits ten Pas and his wife smiling at camera

“I’ve always been a handyman, and I’ve done stuff around my home forever,” he said. “I grew up on a farm and just learned a lot of basic little things.”

Plus, he said, working with the team of other volunteers over the years has taught him plenty.

“I like that brotherhood, the companionship [of our team] and knowing that what you’re doing is helping someone in a big way,” says Frits. “It’s just a great thing to be part of. Lord willing, as long as I have the ability to help and the strength, I’ll be part of the team.”

One other element Frits enjoys? Seeing how much these home repairs mean to area homeowners.

“When you’re done with a project and you get to experience the joy that the homeowner expresses — you’re kind of the hands and feet of Christ, helping them with something they couldn’t do on their own,” he added.

Home Repairs Executive Director Mark Wolfe agrees.

“Many of the homeowners we serve feel abandoned with nowhere to turn for help,” he added. “Volunteers like Frits show them that they are not forgotten and that they are cared for.”

And showing care for those homes and homeowners doesn’t require expert-level credentials.

“Anybody who wants to serve and help, you shouldn’t think you have to be an expert,” added Frits. “There’s always room for somebody to be a helper. It doesn’t take any special skill. And if someone’s interested in serving, come on over and we’ll put you to work.”

Want to learn more about joining the volunteer team at Home Repairs Ministry? Click here.