He loves to give help to those who need it. But how did Bob Pyle, a civil engineer turned volunteer, end up with Home Repairs?

It all started through the men’s group at his church, 12Stone. 

pictured L-R: Bob Pyle, Bill Isaak, Mark Warner

“I love Home Repairs’ cause – helping seniors, single moms, and widows who can’t afford critical home repairs – and I’ve known Bill [Isaak] for a while. He’s the one who got me involved on a pretty large project rebuilding a women’s shelter,” he said.

Over the years, Bob has helped on a number of projects: replacing windows and siding; building access ramps; repairing roofing, ceilings, and decks; restoring kitchens; and more. 

To him, the beauty of what Home Repairs does goes far beyond boards and nails.

“One project we did was for a widow who couldn’t use her deck but who just loved being outside; she was just so thankful to be able to sit outside again,” he said. 

“[I love] Being able to bring a little bit of normal back to people’s lives and restore safe access to their home, something I often take for granted.”

Bob’s heart of service doesn’t come from obligation but from abundant gratefulness for all he’s been given.

“Almost every morning when I wake up, I just ask the Lord ‘Why me, Lord? Why have I been so blessed?’ When you get to that point and realize all you have – time, resources, everything – is His anyway, how can you not give back?” he asked. “Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, but that’s the essence of why I serve.”

Not only does Bob enjoy the work of restoring homes and hearts, he also enjoys who he works with.

“Every [Home Repairs volunteer] I’ve worked with does what they do to spread the Lord’s love. And we don’t take ourselves seriously,” he laughed, “but we take the job seriously and God seriously.” 

When it comes to Home Repairs’ future, Bob is looking forward to helping even more homeowners.

“Of course, I hope that more people will be introduced to Home Repairs and what we do. We’re not here to compete with contractors; we’re here to provide repairs for those who otherwise couldn’t have them done.” he said. 

Even so, knowing the needs are many to keep a ministry like Home Repairs moving forward, Bob encourages people to know that there’s place for them on the Home Repairs team right now.

“If you don’t serve with us because you don’t have the [repair] skills: This is a great group to learn with. I’ve learned a lot; it’s even helped me be able to repair things around my own home.”

“It’s a great group with a great attitude, and every project I’ve been on – whether with two or 15 of us – the people have just been so joyful. It’s been a great experience. I always look forward to getting the call that theres a job to be done.”

Whether or not you have experience in carpentry or handiwork, we want you to join our team and make a difference with us. Learn more about volunteering with Home Repairs Ministries today by filling out our volunteer form.