He’s been involved in a number of ways: from helping on job sites to serving as a board member to sponsoring and even playing in the annual golf classic. 

David Moellering – husband, father, grandfather of three and president/CEO of the Georgia Highway Contractors Association – sees Home Repair Ministries as an organization that’s well worth his investment. 

“I first heard about Home Repairs through a close, long-time friend named John who was serving as a board member at the time,” David said. “ And now I’ve been involved with Home Repairs for over a decade, because I was just impressed with the work that Home Repairs does and the way that it meets people’s needs.”

One way David has consistently shown up is by sponsoring the annual Golf Classic event. But a morning out on the green isn’t the reason for his participation. 

“I’ve played in the Golf Classic some over the years, but really, I sponsor it every year to support Home Repairs,” he said. 

“This outing is a great opportunity to get to know others who are interested in this ministry, and I think it also reinforces what they’re doing [to help the community]. The more people you get to see doing it and being part of it, the more it reinforces that others are catching on to Home Repairs’ mission, too.”

To David, serving others isn’t simply an obligation to fulfill when it’s convenient. It’s an important part of his life. 

“Because of my Christian beliefs, I want to give back and find ways to impact others. There are a lot of folks who, for one reason or another, may need your assistance,” he said. “And while none of these projects [that Home Repairs does] are really large, they’re all projects that are much appreciated and end up making a difference in someone’s life.

Having seen Home Repairs change and grow over the years, David is pleased with the path he sees it taking.

“[Home Repairs’ former executive director] Harvey did a great job, and I think Mark [current executive director] brings another perspective and has done a great job of moving the organization forward,” he said.

In the future, David would love to see Home Repairs extend its help in ways that create even greater independence for homeowners in need. 

“Home Repairs is unique in the way it impacts people [long-term]. When someone has a house that doesn’t leak anymore or the windows seal so that they can have heat – that’s making such a difference. And like the old saying: you can give someone food, but if you teach them how to grow it, they’ll have something for life. It would be great to also teach people [repair] skills,” David said. 

David encourages others to join in the work of repairing homes and hearts, because there can never be too many people involved in a mission like that.

“This [organization] is critical to be a part of because of the value it brings to those it serves. It’s unique – the way they incorporate others, especially retired people who are handy, in serving. And Home Repairs just provides a service that you can’t find in many other places,” he said.

“It provides an opportunity for individuals to go out and help, using their expertise to make needed repairs. And I believe wholeheartedly that Home Repairs is a ministry that’s essential.”