For Bill Isaak, volunteering is a dream job.

“I made a commitment when I was young to retire early in life so that I could spend my time and energy doing volunteer projects,” said Bill. “While I was working, my time to volunteer was limited, but my goal was always to give back and use my gifts in a meaningful way.

Now semi-retired, Bill lives in Gwinnett County with his wife and finds time to golf and exercise. But his favorite hobby? Volunteering.

Bill, who has served with Home Repairs for about a decade, originally connected with Home Repairs through another volunteer project —  a Habitat Build coordinated by Perimeter Church. Over the years he’s helped on a variety of jobs with Home Repairs.

“I’ve been involved in many different projects with HRM including large deck projects, handicap ramps, a basement remodel, concrete work, painting, and repairs to siding, gutters, electrical, plumbing, drywall, and roofs,” he said.

Bill, the newly-chosen president of Home Repairs’ board of directors, said it’s about more than adding new drywall or patching a roof. 

Volunteer Bill Isaak

“It can be difficult and expensive for these homeowners to find people to make the repairs they need. Without HRM, many of these repairs would often not be done,” Bill said. 

That’s why Bill not only gives his time but gives financially as well. 

“I believe in HRM’s mission, so it wasn’t a hard decision for me to begin giving,” he said.

But it’s the homeowners themselves who prompt Bill to continue giving — like the homeowner with Lou Gehrig’s disease who needed a ramp in order to watch his son’s baptism.

“We began that project on a Wednesday, but they asked if it could be completed by 10 a.m. Saturday,” explained Bill. “This father hoped to use the ramp to leave the house for his son’s baptism. We worked hard and were able to complete it in time. We even got a picture of the ramp, finished on time, to help fulfill his dream.”

Mark Wolfe, executive director for Home Repairs, said he’s grateful for Bill’s support over the years. 

“Bill exhibits the concept of full engagement, serving as board president, head of fundraising, leading projects, and working as a full-time ambassador for Home Repairs Ministries,” explained Mark. “All of this is driven by his desire to help our clients stay safely in their homes.” 

Both volunteers and donors are what makes Home Repairs Ministries able to fulfill its mission of repairing homes and hearts. Visit today to learn more about becoming a volunteer or financial supporter.