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Tornado Home RepairThe Homeowners' Dilemma... Picture a single mother, working two jobs just to keep up, whose roof springs a leak, or an elderly widow who faces institutionalization because she can no longer safely navigate her house, or a disabled man who finds he can no longer get out of his home and is becoming a shut-in. It’s a huge problem, because 40% of U.S. metro-area homes, have a health or safety hazard.1 According to Families First®, “1.8 million Georgians do not have enough money to meet basic needs, such as food, housing and medication.” 2 That means that many of these homeowners face the agonizing choice of what to pay for - food, medicine, bills or a critical home repair. These are the clients HRM serves on a regular basis.

NicolaeAddressing the Need - Home Repairs Ministries’ (HRM), through supporters and volunteers, provides critical repairs (affecting safety or quality of life) for those who can't make them, and modifications like wheelchair ramps and grab bars, for people who have trouble safely getting out of or around their homes. Typically HRM serves widows, seniors, single mothers, people with disabilities and those with low income. For our clients, HRM is often their last line of defense. We often hear from clients that they do not know where else they could turn. Because they are often in extremely difficult financial situations, HRM provides them with free skilled labor, and when we can, the materials for their repair needs. Not many other organizations can do that.

When homeowners ask why we do what we do, we love to tell them why - in response to the awesome love God has shown us through the gospel of Christ (although we joyfully serve people from all backgrounds, beliefs and situations).

In 2015, HRM has completed more than 200 projects for the first time ever (236), shattering 2014's record of 160. This marks the third straight year with more than 120. We also have served 10 community nonprofits and agencies. By helping these organizations, HRM helps multiply resources available to people in need.

Keller's Story

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The Impact You Can Have - Want to know the difference you can make in someone’s life through HRM? Meet Keller, who found herself a single mother of five (the youngest with Downs Syndrome) after a difficult divorce. What difference did HRM volunteers and donor make to Keller? She shared, "...in those initial months at Perimeter (Church), Home Repairs Ministries was the only ministry that touched our everyday lives. How significant to our newly adjusting, and at times, fragile family. What could have been (many times) the proverbial “last straw” was not. Instead, when something got broken, HRM was right there with a joyful and helpful hand."

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