Welcome to Home Repair Ministries, Inc.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Repairing Homes & Hearts as churches serve together.

Mission Statement

Home Repairs Ministries’ (HRM) mission is to serve vulnerable homeowners (typically widows, single mothers, the elderly and disabled) with critical home repairs and accessibility updates that they can neither afford nor do themselves.

To maximize community impact, HRM becomes the “Hub” of a network that connects community needs, often referrals from other nonprofits and support agencies (e.g. senior services groups & cooperative ministries), with available and capable volunteers, most often from local churches. HRM also actively encourages and coaches churches in starting their own teams to serve their congregations and community. We also unite many churches’ teams to serve together and make a greater impact on the community.

Values Statement

Home Repairs Ministries is:

Compassionate – believing that God’s heart is especially drawn to those who are suffering, we seek to be the merciful, as we so desperately need God’s mercy in our own lives. We are inclusive and willing to serve any homeowners in need that we are equipped and able to serve regardless of their background, beliefs or situation.

Volunteer-operated – work is done though volunteers, leveraging our ability to serve and meet the needs of those in our community.

Ethical – delivering on what we promise and being careful to speak the truth.

Local church-oriented – the ministry draws from multiple churches, which helps us identify and know local community needs and serve many more than we could by ourselves.

Prayer driven– we acknowledge that God is sovereign in the affairs of humanity and that prayer is a means for mobilizing the faith of believers, comforting hurting people, and empowering HRM’s ministry.

Gospel-centered – we balance Word and deed, and believe that faith and trust in Christ alone for salvation is the only rescue from the guilt of our sin.

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