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Interesting Ways to Build Threshold Ramps

I was walking through a DIY home store and asking myself what material to use for a threshold ramp. I received an idea, and got some PVC 1x4, cut it to length, countersunk a couple of screws deep into the PVC and into a board beneath, then took a power planer and cut the ramp with a series of passes until it was the needed shape. No rot, no curl, white (no paint), etc. I built something similar with ironwood (Ipe) at a beach house, where we wanted to remove the threshold for sweeping so sand could be swept straight out without catching it in a dustpan.

Another idea came to memory where a guy took some aluminum and made a removable threshold ramp to be used only when needed. I like that.

Either of these would be removable. I’ll bet you could even use hot glue, for a more temporary ramp, to hold it down, if you didn’t want to screw it into tile or sheet vinyl.

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