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Terree's Story

Terree's struggles started at a young age. One of eight children, she spent three of her early years in an orphanage.

TerreeNow a senior, she faces medical issues, which impact her ability to work, and a house she struggles to afford. Like many older, low-income homeowners, her repair needs were multiplying and accelerating when we met her, including:

*Major damage to fascia board by woodpeckers, presenting the threat of a citation and unaffordable fine from the county

*Trees hanging over her power lines and fireplace (Terree has, at times, relied on her fireplace to provide heat for the house), which presented dangerous electrical and fire hazards

Stabilizing Terree's Fence* A fence leaning into the neighbor's yard, another threat for a citation

* A crumbling basement threshold - she hopes to get the house in good enough condition to get a roommate.

Terree shared, "I would get help, but I don't have the strength, time or money". Over time, she might have faced being placed in an institution or even having her house condemned. Where could she turn?

Terree with HRM Volunteers and StaffBecause of our generous supporters and volunteers, Terree, and many others, got the critical help they needed through HRM this year. How do they feel about the help you bring? Terree described it this way, "It's given me a lot of comfort and ability to breathe," and "It makes my heart swell and say thank you to Jesus. It almost brings me to tears."

Help Provide Critical Home Repairs and Modifications for People Like Terree.

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