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Want to Start a Service Ministry with Impact?

If you're interested in starting a ministry (or just trying to find one to serve in), especially a mercy or outreach ministry, odds are that you are looking at three questions in deciding how to serve – what are the gifts and passions that God has given you, what is the need you seek to meet in your community and how can you have the greatest impact?

If you, or someone in your church, is a handy man (or woman), we would like to suggest a ministry opportunity that you might not have considered, but one that can have a wide-ranging community impact - home repair ministry. Like the old joke, "Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?", it might seem a bit self-evident what a home repairs ministry is all about and who it helps.

But the actual answer is a bit more complicated than that. When you scratch beneath the service, our ministry is involved in many different types of projects, and can end up supporting a lot more people than the ones we directly work with. So if you are looking to start a ministry with wide-reaching impact, read on…

What a home repair ministry does

Our home repair ministry engages the community in four main types of projects (as well as helps churches start their own teams). If you or your team don't work on all of these types of projects, no problem. These are just some suggestions from our experience that will help you serve Christ in your community with tools (and potentially your phone).

1) Home Repairs – this is the bread and butter of the work we do. Helping widows, single mothers, the elderly and disabled with repairs that they cannot do themselves and helping them from situations where their home is dangerous, inaccessible or causing costs that they cannot afford. These types of projects range from re-roofing to building a handicap ramp to yard cleanup (and all things in between!) and can be as varied as the skills on your team.

One way to increase the number of projects that you can work on is to collaborate with other churches in your community. We worked with multiple churches last year and that allowed us to take on projects that are more complex and show a united Body of Christ to those we serve.

2) Advocacy – these types of engagements require a different set of skills and primarily entail working the phones. Advocacy projects are a great way to build rapport and relationship with a homeowner. Our ministry handled one of these types of projects in December. Our Executive Director helped an elderly widow who had lost heat in her house get a replacement. This involved working directly with the client, the heating and air company, as well as a Senior Services agency and another non-profit.  The end result – she got a replacement for free.

3) Disaster response and recovery – when disaster strikes one way to be prepared to serve and be a witness for Christ is to have a home repairs team at the ready. After Hurricane Katrina, our ministry was able to mobilize folks to help frame houses here in Atlanta and build them in the hurricane ravaged Gulf area a couple years back. We are also going, in June, to help Indiana tornado victims recover from a March tornado.

The multiplier

4) Partnering with local non-profit agencies – here is where your impact in the community can really accelerate. By serving non-profit agencies that serve hundreds, if not thousands, with repairs or facility improvements, you can help many more well after you've carted your tools off the premises. Your creativity is one of the only limiters here. A couple examples from our experience.

At one non-profit, we opened up a wall to tap into the hot and cold water lines so that a washing machine could be added in one of the rooms there. At another, we built out a basement area into a thrift store, creating a revenue stream and source of affordable goods for many in the community for years to come.

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