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Why Start a Home Repairs Ministry?

Has your church been looking at ways to new ways to do community outreach and show the mercy and love of Jesus (Matthew 22:39)? How about for a way to better serve vulnerable people inside your church (John 13:35)? A lot of churches don't have this ministry set up formally, but its easier than they probably think (and you won't need a lot of church staff time to do it!). Watch the video

The opportunity

The outreach ministry we are talking about is a home repairs ministry and there are four reasons why we believe it's a strategic investment in God's Kingdom.

1) You may not know it but you probably have the people you need to start a home repairs ministry right now.

In many churches there is a group of handy people that are called upon for their skills. Some help maintain the church building, some go on construction-related mission trips, and some help with the occasional odd job presented by a congregation member in need. Most of the time these previously mentioned groups serve when called upon, but they are not actively looking for projects.

Men (and women) on the periphery of the ministry are found in many churches but cannot figure out how to serve in the church if they don't sing, teach, direct traffic, or participate in childcare. They could very well be engaged in a ministry that doesn't really fit their gifting and passion. Or, they may not be serving at all. But, they can use their hands and tools!

If you're worried that you don't have a lot of folks in mind to start, that's okay! In it's rudimentary form, all you need are a couple of people who want to use their knowledge and skills in construction related ministry to serve others.

2) There are a growing number of low income homeowners who come from all walks of life and face home repair needs they are unable to afford or perform.

The recession and high unemployment has been a double whammy to poor homeowners. People are staying in their homes longer, which creates greater likelihood of a major home repairs need. At the same time, less people are working and wages are, at best, stagnant, resulting in less resources available to pay for needed home repairs.

Here are some stark statistics that point to the problem.

According to an August 15, 2011 survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 64% of Americans don't have enough cash on hand to handle a $1,000 emergency expense. An October 3, 2012 survey by HomeServe shows that one in five homeowners faces a repair expense they cannot afford.1

On top of all this, there are a growing number of low income homeowners: the elderly, the disabled, single mothers and widows, who don’t have the means to provide for basic or emergency repairs. This can put them them in danger, at risk of financial calamity and, in extreme cases, potentially force eviction or even homelessness due to foreclosure and property condemnation.

Community non-profits, which provide critical services to these same people groups, need help updating their facilities so they can serve more people.

3) A home repairs ministry can accelerate community transformation by serving and partnering with valued community non-profits.

This is where the strategic part of a home repair ministry really provides incremental outreach and Kingdom benefit. By building partnerships with other local non-profits and ministries you can increase their ability to serve many more people. To share a couple examples, we have assisted local non-profits with projects such as building out a basement area for a thrift shop and designing and building storage systems. These projects have obvious long-lasting benefits. And these non-profits will also become sources of referrals for you as you build trusted partnerships!

4) A home repairs ministry can show Christian love and mercy to a community and accelerate community transformation by serving and partnering with other churches.

Joining and serving with other Christian churches has proven to have several benefits. First, within individual churches you may not have all of the specific skills to handle a big project. Every team has strengths and weaknesses. This is one of the strongest arguments for churches to work together - different parts of the body contribute different things to the whole Body (Ephesians 4:15-16). Your team may have experience in roof repair, but not electrical or plumbing. If you know the guys from other churches around you, you can help fill in the gaps. We work with a church that does a lot of re-roofing with their summer teams. When we need roofing tools and project leaders, guess who we ask to come be a part of the project?

Second, partnering with other churches shows a united Body of Christ to the community. Imagine the world seeing the Church come together to love and serve them while caring for each other. Is this the image of the Church that the world has now?


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