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September Newsletter 1B - Tonya's letter

Tonya is a single mom who Tonya and the girlsadopted two special girls with cerebral palsy. One of her daughters needed a wheelchair and ramp to get in and out of the house. The only problem - they didn’t have a ramp at their home and Tonya was hurting her back badly moving her daughter around. We were able to jump in and help her with a couple things, including the ramp. Her excitement is evident in the note she sent us:

“I cannot express how pleased I am with Reagan's ramp...it is Amazing & I Love it!!  Thank you so much for everything. I so appreciate all of the time you have taken to work on everything from the HOA paperwork, phone calls to the church, & arranging people to come out to help. It was after 5:00 pm before I got home and I drove around so I could see it before I pulled in and I was floored!! It is more than I ever imagined and flows very well with the house...

…Thanks again & may God pour out blessings and His favor over all of you for what you have done for Reagan and myself included. I will be praying great things over your lives & that you are able to continue to bless others as you have blessed me!! I am overwhelmed and no amount of "words" is going to express how humbled I am right now.  Thank you & God Bless!!


Isn't that cool? Since you help make all of what we do possible, this letter is directed to you as well!

See a video testimonial from Tonya, and a video of the daughters using the ramp

You owe it to yourself to check them out. I think you’ll be edified, and you’ll especially enjoy when the daughters start breaking into an impromptu dance. Priceless! This is what you enable with your gifts to HRM, and it’s one reason why we are so thankful for you.

Closing thoughts

I love that Tonya, in her note, says that she will pray for us to continue to be able to bless others. That is the ministry’s prayer and desire, as well, and we are working diligently towards that end! Our strategy is to get more people served through an expanding church network. We’re making new church connections and looking for new ways to reach out to them. We are also, as a ministry, reaching out to other agencies and looking for new project opportunities.

See more about the connections we are making

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