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September Newsletter 1 - The People We Help, Together

Picture a single mother, just scraping by, working two jobs to barely keep up when the roof springs a leak. She can’t make the repair, and the costs are way out of her range. Some difficult trade-offs face her family and fear starts to creep in.

Elderly womanOr the elderly widow whose heater goes out in the thick of winter who wonders, “What do I do now and where do I find the money for this?”.

Now think about a man who suddenly and unexpectedly has a stroke, is confined to a wheelchair, and suddenly finds himself trapped in his own house, unable to get outside and handle the critical life tasks and experience the blessings that recently were so routine and mundane.

All three hypothetical people are wondering if anyone really cares, and these people are indicative of the types of people you help when you give to, or volunteer with, HRM

Meet one of the people helped - in her own.words

I  have enjoyed over the months telling you about some of these people that we serve and help. Some of their stories are very similar to those above. Now, I'd like to introduce you to one. Meet Tonya, a mother of a wonderful and special family

As you can see, your gifts do make a difference in the lives of hurting homeowners and have brought a little taste of the Kingdom of God down to Earth! Without the Lord, you our supporters, and our volunteers, none of this can happen. And we wouldn't be able to tell you about Tonya and the difference you made in her life...

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