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September Newsletter 2 - Why the New Hub Matters

At a high level, we believe that the new Hub, with time, can easily double the number of people we can show Christ’s love to and help. But that’s just a number. Let’s put it another way. Picture yourself in the following scenarios.

*You’re a young single mother with a roof leaking on your children, but you barely have enough resources to pay for food and keep the electricity on. You’re wondering, “What am I going to do?”.

*You’re elderly and a widow. Suddenly, a pipe bursts, your rooms are being damaged, and you have no running water. You can’t afford repairs, so where can you turn? How can you stay in your home that you’ve lived in for 50 years? Will you end up alone on the street? In an institution?

*Your spouse, suffering from ALS, has to be carried out of the house to the car. What happens to him or her in an emergency? How can your family afford a ramp when medications are eating everything you have?

Crumbling PorchThese stories, and many more like them, have happened in the suburbs. These scenarios are typically more pronounced in the inner city, and for the longest time, we just didn't have the manpower or resources to do much about the cries for help we received. Praise God, now we do! The new Hub will help many more hurting people and address critical needs, just like these.

To give you a current example, we currently are planning to replace a dilapidated ramp for a couple, both disabled, in the Cabbagetown neighborhood.

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