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September 2013 eNewsletter - More Projects, More Homeowners Served

Things are moving in the right direction. HRM has already completed more projects than in all of 2012! It’s sometimes easy to lose sight of what this really represents, since our success is often judged, externally, by how many projects that we complete. More projects means more people helped and shown the love of Christ. We’ve also more than doubled the size of our Board of Directors. Check out some of the specifics:

Abba House Project1) Growing the Number of Projects HRM does - We are on our way to meet and exceed our goal of increasing from 50 to 75 projects in 2013. In fact, we are right now at 75 projects! Here is some of what is helping to drive the improvement:

  • More Project Leaders. Several highly engaged volunteers are leading HRM projects under the HRM umbrella, which has increased project count and given us insight into projects that we were missing before. Last year, I led most of the HRM projects.
  • More churches represented. Another of our key metrics is the number of churches that have volunteers in HRM projects. Our goal is to go from 15 to 23. Right now, we are at 18.
  • An estimated 1,100 volunteer hours have been contributed to the community so far!
  • More accurately defining what a project is. We met with a Foundation a couple months back, and they confirmed that we have been conservative in counting projects. We have been giving equal weight to complex, multi-day/week/month engagements and simple projects like replacing a toilet flapper. We are now breaking down large projects into constituent parts (plumbing, electrical, roofing etc.). This gives a much more accurate view of the work that we are doing, including two very large projects this year (one which has been ongoing for months).

2) Growing the Board of Directors from 4 to 10 - Earlier this year, we took a big step and started meeting regularly with a group of passionate and engaged volunteers - The Core Team. They have been helping us with projects, some operational issues and our strategic plan. Six of these volunteers recently received invitations to, and accepted positions on, the HRM Board of Directors. A bigger Board helps in several areas, not the least of which is giving us more counsel, experience and connections to draw upon. We’ll introduce you to them in an upcoming newsletter.

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