Welcome to Home Repair Ministries, Inc.

Thank you very much you for spreading love to love-income homeowners by helping fund HRM projects! Your support helps us provide critical home repairs and modifications which change lives. Projects vary greatly in size and scope, so costs per project are estimates.

Monthly Credit Card GiftOne-Time Credit Card Gift
$14 monthly (funds 1/2 of a project)$112 (funds 1/3 of a project)
$28 monthly (funds 1 project)$168 (funds 1/2 project)
$56 monthly (funds 2 projects)$335 (funds one project)
$84 monthly (funds 3 projects)$670 (funds 2 projects)
$140 monthly (funds 5 projects)$1,005 (funds 3 projects)
$279 monthly (funds 10 projects)$1,675 (funds 5 projects)
$419 monthly (funds 15 projects)$3,350 (funds 10 projects)
$5,025 (funds 15 projects)