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Wellspring Living serves girls and women who are survivors of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST). HRM has long admired their work, and has completed many projects for them over the years. In 2015, HRM came in behind a big plumbing repair that had torn up the floor in their Assessment Center. We removed old carpet, cut the concrete patch down to proper level and installed new carpet squares. We also installed carpet for use in their new Independent Living Program, where DMST survivors receive educational and career guidance, life skills training, therapeutic services, and community support.

Kim Dalton, Logistics Associate for Wellspring Living, shared with us more about their work, and the impact HRM has had on their mission, in the Q&A below.

HRM: "Can you give a brief synopsis of what the women’s program is and the services it provides?"

Kim: "Our women’s program is also known as our Independent Living Program (ILP) and is our residential program serving girls 17-30, who are survivors of DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking). The ILP is an individual living setting where survivors receive educational and career guidance, life skills training, therapeutic services, and community support. Wellspring Living provides services with the goal of empowering young women to live healthy, safe, fulfilling lives. Women are encouraged to continue their education and attend our Empowered Living Academy, where they can either obtain their GED certification or receive career training, if they have completed a high school diploma or received their GED. While part of The Independent Living Program, the young women move through stages that emulate real life, such as resume building, job hunting, and learning to save money. These stages encourage recovery through setting and reaching goals. Young women in the ILP continue to receive counseling from a licensed clinician, case management from a licensed social worker, and residential care from coaches throughout their time in the program. Community living, combined with support from staff, coaches, and volunteer mentors, help the participant develop and refine the skills needed to thrive as they enter adulthood."

HRM: "How has the work HRM has done helped Wellspring Living?"

Kim: "Wellspring Living could not provide the excellence in care without our strong community of volunteers. We consider volunteers part of our family and with each group we gain renewed passion and energy. Volunteers help in almost all areas of Wellspring Living including our events, ground facilities, our programs, and stores. Specifically this year, our goals included opening a second Empowered Living Academy and along with that, our second Independent Living Program which provides residential living and individualized care while the women continue to grow and thrive as they reach their goals."

"With the help of your group, we accomplished those goals at our north end campus. Our house has grown by 10 beds and 2 “house moms”! You have helped us expand our outreach by increasing our community living program availability. You helped us create safe and welcoming living areas for an additional 10 survivors! Before this living program existed here at the north campus, women would spend approximately 3 months being assessed and becoming acclimated with safe, secure living. Then they would be transferred to our other campus and would essentially begin again with a new environment and new coaches. Now, once the initial assessment period is completed, and based on those results, we are able to offer continued, advanced services to the women without them needing to move to a completely new location."

HRM: "How many women have been able to go through the program this year since it opened?"

Kim: "Since the opening of our second ILP, we have graduated 3 women from our Girls’ Program and Assessment Center combined. They are currently participating in their individualized program and are attending the Empowered Living Academy and will be joined very soon by our next graduate group once they complete their assessment phase."

HRM: "If any, what would have been the implication if the repairs had not been done?"

Kim: "In addition to completely assisting us with getting new living arrangements in place, your group has provided needed remodeling and maintenance that our house desperately needed. We are so grateful you all assisted us in getting the basement back in working and welcoming order after our flood. Our basement is used many times daily for our programming including counseling sessions, art therapy and physical fitness. Before completing the repairs caused by the flood, the women were limited to their one area and were not able to use the basement area for any of these activities. We are now able to utilize the entire living space of the house! Ultimately, without your help, we potentially would not have have launched our second Independent Living Program at our target date."

HRM: "Thank you for taking the time to share a bit about what Wellspring Living is doing and how HRM has been involved!

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