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October 2013 Newsletter - Business Relationships Extend HRM’s Reach and Minimize Expense

Our community impact is multiplied greatly by the gracious generosity of community-minded businesses. Here are some of the ways that businesses partner with HRM to save costs and serve more people.

1) Companies sometimes provide solutions to hurting homeowners by “volunteering” to help or offering deep discounts. Spencer and ACS heating and air conditioning companies have been great ministry friends. Several times this year, a phone call has gotten help for our elderly homeowners with HVAC issues because we have relationships with their owners/managers. Southern Home Exteriors is another example - they installed gutters on a house. The result - the homeowner gets an amazing value, a critical need is met that volunteers cannot address, and it requires very little time from us.

2) Businesses help us keep overhead costs down. Did you know that our Board President’s company, Trojan Color Systems, has provided us free office space for the past 6 months? And Wakefield-Beasley and Associates continues to allow us to use conference rooms and high quality laser printers.

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