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October 2013 Newsletter - Multiplying Impact by Collaborating with Other Non-Profits and Agencies

Collaborating with other service agencies helps us to work more efficiently and get more done. How?

1) We get a good percentage of projects via referral - Each partner has a unique “sweet spot” where they focus.  Often, their specialty is with survival basics such as food, clothing, rent, utility funds and counseling. But when a partner’s low-income, home-owning clients have a repair or accessibility need they can’t meet, they often send them to HRM. Sometimes, they even send along materials funding!

Referrals work the other direction, too. We send needs we can’t meet to qualified partners. Smart partnerships make people the real winners - more homeowners are served and more needs are met!

2) We can do more projects in a shorter time period. By getting most of our projects from referrals and having them come pre-qualified, we get to focus on how we might help and “rounding up the troops.”

Non-Profit Project3) Serving other non-profits by improving, repairing or maintaining their facilities is a highly strategic community investment. We don’t just help an organization, we impact the thousands of people they are serving, and in some cases, the additional thousands more they can help because of the improvement! We recently helped Wellspring Living (Duluth) and Dream House for Medically Fragile Children (Lilburn) with their facilities.

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