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October 2009 HRM eNewsletter

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We're so glad you are reading the Home Repairs Ministries (HRM) Email Newsletter and thankful for your prayer, financial, and volunteer support for HRM. God is doing cool things!

CIA Weekend is Almost Past
...but wait, there is still another weekend

Compassion in Action Weekend is an annual event sponsored by Unite! (www.UniteUs.org) that exposes thousands of people to new areas of ministry. HRM sponsored 10 different "events" this past weekend. I'll list them below so you can get an idea of what that looked like.
CIA Weekend isn't over, however. The walls we framed and loaded on the truck are now in Griffin, GA and a team will go there on Friday (9th) and Saturday (10th) of this week to put those walls up - and 4 other houses as well. Churches and non-profits such as HRM, from all over the metro area are participating in a community revitalization to demonstrate the power of the Body of Christ working together to bless communities. Our partner, Square Foot Ministry, invited us to jump in with the rest. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN IN this weekend, contact me at harveya@homerepairs.org or 404-964- 6681. No skills required though very helpful.

Here is the list of the projects: 1) Frame the walls 2) Odd jobs for a recently widowed mother and her son at their home 3) Rebuild a shed crushed by a tree at Rainbow VIllage 4) Major tree trimming and blocking rodents from the attic for a widow 5) About a dozen small projects at "Dream House for Medically Fragile Children" in Lilburn 6) Patch a roof for a widow where storms had blown shingles off, to hold her until a new roof can be installed. 7) Assist a widow that had water damage and a lot of stuff to throw out, plus cut down overgrowth in the yard so she could use her back doors. 8.) Construct a small handicap ramp for a family having a hard time with access for dad's new disability - project accomplished by a husband and wife team. 9) Assist Beacon of Hope with some exterior patio work for use by support groups - led and recruited by one of our Board members - AND on Sunday, #10) 2 groups joined forces to help a lady with too much stuff, to help her sort through and fill a 20 cubic yard dumster, plus do some repairs and trimming around the house. We know there were at least 6 churches involved in those projects and some where between 75 and 100 people serving.

Nailing Things Down
...the value of networking

Interesting series of events: CIA 2007 - East Lanier Church joins Perimeter in framing a house for MS. January 2008 - East Lanier goes to MS for Katrina relief and takes some folks from their daughter church - Grace Point. I go with them and start a conversation about Grace Pt starting a home repairs team. CIA 2008 - Grace Pt's fledgling home repairs team partners with East Lanier and frames a house for West Point, GA., putting it up the following weekend. January 2009 Grace Pt's team hears about a need in Jasper, GA and we work together to get a huge emergency ramp built for foster parents of special needs kids (see our June e- newsletter). Also connect with the father of the Founding Dir. of Dream House, through which much of the materials for the ramp is provided. And through that project met with a resident of Big Canoe and member of the BC Chapel who wants to use the HRM model to start home repairs ministry in the Jasper area. It does pay eternal dividends to connect with other parts of the Body of Christ for serving in His name.!

Am I My Brother's Keeper?
...a changing economic climate calls for rethinking

In teaching on mercy ministry in past years, I have sort of winked when I pointed out that 2 Cor. 8 & 9 sounded like there could be a reversal and today's "have nots" may be helping take care of today's "haves." In some cases, it has happened. The current economic stresses have made it clearer than ever that Paul's statements that giving is a privilege, a grace, and a responsibility is applicable. So many middle- class Christians are finding themselves in situations they never dreamed they would be. If you are one of those who are blessed with steady, decent incomes, would you consider making a generous gift or becoming one of HRM's regular partners so we can continue to serve hurting people? Wouldn't it be amazing if God allowed us to network across the Metro-Atlanta area? With the support of God's people that dream can come true and the vision could even spread across the country. We invite you to join us on this grand adventure of reaching out to homeowners who have run out of resources through churches. Gifts are always welcome at our HRM mailing address PO Box 922194, Peachtree Corners, GA 30101

Home Repairs Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry serving the elderly, disabled and widowed by helping to meet their home maintenance and repair needs. For additional information about the ministry, call, email or write us.

Thank You for you support!

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