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October 2007 Home Repairs Ministries Newsletter


Welcome to the Home Repairs Ministries (HRM) Email Newsletter! We want to keep you connected as a volunteer, supporter, or sponsor of the ministry. Take a look at reports from the ministry, opportunities to serve through tools, and prayer requests.

News & Updates

Compassionate Action

*Unite!'s Compassion in Action Weekend has come and gone and many people have been blessed as the body of Christ locked arms to "give the community a hug from Jesus." See the story under Nailing Things Down. Photos are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 14228435@N05/sets/ in 3 different albums.

* A great story coming out of CIA Weekend was the wall framing projects in conjunction with Square Foot Ministries. See the article under Are We One?

*After CIA Weekend a group of HRM volunteers met a couple of hundred more to put up the houses. See the Miracle in Pass Christian story below. Lots of photos!

*Many have indicated that they want to serve with HRM and one of the challenges to keeping eager tool people busy is getting referrals. Remember our criteria is that clients own their home and live in it, cannot keep it up themselves, and willing to have volunteers helping. Weekday volunteers are always needed, so if you are retired or have flex hours, let us know!

Nailing Things Down

How Did HRM Volunteers Serve CIA Weekend?

HRM's volunteers, from many churches, addressed people's house concerns while looking for the opportunity to share our Christ-centered motivation for serving. This month we're listing projects from Marietta around the top of Atlanta to Roswell/Alpharetta and back down to Stone Mountainby by skill categories . Here is how serving was done:

  • Electrical (minor) in a shepherding home
  • Finish Carpentry - Replacing windows in Doraville, & trim work in Stone Mountain
  • Forming and pouring concrete walkway & drive in Duluth
  • Front end loader work for grading & landscaping
  • Helpers learning skills - on all projects
  • Mechanic-type to assess installation of a stair lift for a handicapped person
  • Plumbing to clear a deck drain
  • Painting in various places
  • Rough Carpentry - framing whole houses, handicap ramp, and construction of a stairway for the Coop in Duluth
  • Rustic cabinet work and stick furniture (mangers) for toy collection boxes in Duluth
  • Sheetrock & associated framing in Duluth
  • Yard Work - For widows in Doraville & Alpharetta

If you can't imagine yourself involved one of those kinds of opportunities (and even if you can) your financial participation is appreciated more than you can know!

Thanks to WH Bass & Co, Ivy Creek Landscaping, United Tool Rental of Duluth, DSI Engineering, AND Inc., Affinity Fine Homes, and many pro's who helped make all of this possible. Thanks most of all for the Lord's provision throughout the month.

The regular listings of projects at our site are found on the Current Projects page. Many smaller projects are not listed, so contact us!

Perspectives on Churches Working Together

Are We One?

Five Unite! churches built walls on CIA Weekend for homes in the area where Katrina inflicted such devastation. Square Foot Ministry has been organizing these builds for some time now and HRM used our networking connections to recruit new churches.

We had a hard time projecting how long it would take to build 19 walls at each site, so "just in case" we asked volunteer Greg Preston to check each location. The first one was in trouble with too little skilled help and the truck was coming. We made some calls to the other churches framing the same house and as soon as they finished theirs, sent a few people over to rescue. When the trucks arrived at the sites, each was ready to load, including the one that had fallen behind. That kind of help may not seem significant, but when was the last time you saw Baptists, Methodists, non-denominational and Presbyterian churches helping each other out? On a Saturday! Tools seem to be a connecting point. "One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father. . ." (Ephesians 4) and one unifying project - blessing the community for Jesus' sake with our tools. To see how those framing projects looked, go to the Flickr address in the first paragraph and pick the "07 Framing Houses for the Gulf" album.

Unite Website

Miracle in Pass Christian, MS

Putting Up 9 Houses in 2 Days

After a 7 hour drive on Thursday a.m., the HRM team of volunteers arrived in Pass Christian along with over 200 others. We got our site assignment and went out to look it over. The walls were scattered all over the back yard. The foundation was not quite complete enough to erect the walls. Before we could complete that, we got called to unload walls from a truck at 2 other locations. You can see pictures on the Flickr site in the album "Pass Christian Mega Build."

Early on Friday a.m. we started putting the walls up on the floor. This floor was 10+ feet off the ground to meet the "feet above sea-level" requirement. By that evening, we had completed the last of the foundation work, erected all of the walls (one got lost somewhere, so we had to build it), hand carried the trusses up and installed them. We amazed ourselves.

On Saturday we put in a FULL day decking the roof and covering it with felt to dry in the house, sheathing everything, installing bolts to keep make the house hurricane resistant, and even helped the plumbers put the showers in place.

As we left that evening, once again, we asked God's blessing on Lawrence, the elderly home owner who had been staying with his sister for 2 YEARS, Though he has heart trouble, he insisted on passing materials to the workers. We left him shedding tears of gratitude. Praise our Savior for letting us serve in such a fulfilling project!

Nine other houses were put up in those 2 days. Volunteers are needed every weekend to help finish out these and other houses. How about a group of your friends - even just three? Leave Thursday after work and return on Sunday afternoon. CALL US to help with arrangements!

God's Best for You this Month,

Harvey Anderson
Home Repairs Ministries, Inc

Home Repairs Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry serving the elderly, widowed, disabled homeowners, and others in need by helping with maintenance, safety issues, and repairs. For additional information about the ministry, call, email or write us.

Thank You for you support!

Neale Hightower - Harvey Anderson
Home Repairs Ministries, Inc.

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