Welcome to Home Repair Ministries, Inc.


GeraldineSeveral Novembers ago, volunteers from Victory World Church, Cross Pointe Church, along with HRM staff, worked to keep an elderly woman, in in her 80’s, in the house her husband built in the early 1950’s, on her parent’s farmland near Norcross. The roof leaked in several places causing ceiling damage and it was time to replace it.

As it turned out, it became one of “those” projects that goes twice as long as planned (my wife, Jan, says that is normal for me!). Under the roof, we found rot, shrunken boards, and more rot. By the time we were ready for shingles, we had covered half of the old decking with plywood, replaced rafter ends and more deck, and rebuilt an eave. You never really know until you get it uncovered, but I’ve made some new notes on what to watch out for! Geraldine can now rest easy about the roof as she lives on her own, with a little help from family also living on the property. She understands that we serve with our hands to say, “Thank you” to the one with nail-pierced hands, our Savior, Jesus, whom she worships as well. Serving the household of faith is very special, but we also love to serve those who have not heard the Good News or think our relationship with God is based on being sufficiently good.