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November 2013 Newsletter - Building the Ramp and Bringing Relief

Sidewalk art awaiting usVolunteer and HRM Board member Bill Isaak, a skilled carpenter, led the team of volunteers to build the ramp. While Bill and I were working with the family on the best way to build the ramp, I was able to work on getting discounts and recruiting volunteers. The ramp was quite long and took several days to complete.

Upon arrival on the first day of the project, some driveway art was awaiting us from the two-year old (the picture to the left). As we would find out, his drawing of the sun really matches this family’s outlook on life and attitude.

oing to Church on New RampThe result of all the volunteers' work was a high-quality ramp that the family can use to get Nicolae in and out of the house! To the left is a picture of the family heading to church.

Nicolae and Cornelia's Story - A Video Testimonial

A Diagnosis and a Dilemma

God Provides - How the Ramp Got Funded

More Pictures and Videos from the Project

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