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November 2013 Newsletter - God Provides: Funding from Unexpected Sources

Though the solution to Nicolae and Cornelia's problem was obvious (a wheelchair ramp), the path to build it was not. They did not have the funds to build a ramp, as Nicolae isn’t able to work. With HRM behind on our budget, our options were limited, as well. Using discounted materials, the cost would be over $2,000.

Friends of the family offered to help, but it wouldn’t fully meet the need. As He often does, God provided from unexpected sources. I received a call from the ministry that shares their warehouse space with us, Ground Zero Grace.

Director Steve Gooch asked about using some extra materials we had brought in, as we have done back and forth for years. I told him that we were looking for a way to raise some funds for a ramp and about the family’s situation. He said he’d keep his eye out for something. The next day, he emailed me to let us know that their Board was sending $1,000 for materials. I was astonished, not expecting that kind of generosity from another non-profit. We now had the funds needed to build the ramp!

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