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November 2007 Home Repairs Ministries Newsletter


This month is the beginning (according to retailers) of the Christ-centered holiday season (according to us) and since this is Thanksgiving eve, it is a special issue of giving thanks.

We're so glad you are reading the Home Repairs Ministries (HRM) Email Newsletter! We want to keep you connected as a volunteer, supporter, or sponsor of the ministry.

Laying the Foundation

Compassionate Actions of a Purposeful, Loving God

The foundation upon which HRM is laid is Christ: "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." Jn 3:17. Why would He bother? Scripture says it is for His own glory. How?

No matter who we thank, it ultimately redirects to the Lord. Here is the example of the Apostle Paul, when he saw good things being done by the Macedonians in helping the poor. "Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, men will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else. (2 Corinthians 9: 13) That is the spirit in which this newsletter is written. Thank you and the God who gave you new life.

"Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth." (I John 3:18). So we pick up the hammer and saw in His name.

In the next section is the short list for which we give thanks from HRM. We assume that some have been unintentionally left out and for that we beg forgiveness.

Let Us Count the Ways


In no particular order:

  • Faithful followers of Christ who are investing themselves through prayer, hands-on project work, and finances.
  • The amazingly sacrificial giving of family, friends, and churches.
  • Getting to serve people who desperately need a hug from Jesus.
  • Dave Lee for being the first leader of HRM when it was just a small band of guys wanting to serve.
  • Neale Hightower's city-wide (even nation-wide) vision for the Body working together, and using HRM- type ministry in the process.
  • Our Board of Directors who have given prayer, time, and money, and whose understanding families see them less because they serve HRM.
  • HRM Board President, John Parker, who directed memorial gifts for his father, David Parker, to HRM.
  • John Hester serving on the HRM team for years, using his architectural expertise to draw plans and then to lead projects and for Sharon for putting up with it all.
  • For a ministry with a history of seeking the Lord's will before acting.
  • For the Perimeter Prayer Team, recently joined by Mary Hightower who keeps us before them.
  • For such clear guidance in the transitions HRM has made the past year, and for success in getting what is needed to continue with the work.
  • For success in making connections in the community with those who know of needs and with other church leaders.
  • For catalytic contact with men who are training through HRM for leadership all over the Kingdom.
  • For pastors with a Kingdom vision.
  • For good success in getting everything needed for Compassion in Action Weekend in October. Included are materials, funds, other churches' participation and even the city allowing us to work in the parking lots.
  • For the support, trust, and encouragement of Perimeter Church.
  • The Richard and Barbara Gaby Foundation's amazing support.
  • For the help of attorney Jeff Feldham, who helped us get incorporated and our provisional 501.c.3 non-profit status.
  • For Todd Potter who helped us get our accounting in order and his wife, Debra, for her strong encouragement.
  • Regan Walters and his use of "retirement" time to serve with HRM so often.
  • Frits ten Pas for sharing his retirement with HRM projects and adminstration and for letting us wear out the tires on his trailer.
  • For business partners including W.H. Bass (through Dave Lee of our Board) for materials, Exerve for the website, Affinity Homes for materials, Ivy Creek Landsc. & Irrig - equipment, United Tool Rental - rental discounts.
  • For John Wieland and company for allowing us to use warehouse space.
  • Our friends at AND (Assisting the Needs for the Disabled) and the opportunities they present for HRM to build handicap ramps.
  • Square Foot Ministries (especially David Clark) with which we built walls for houses for Katrina survivors with investments of time and money from Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church, Johnson Ferry Baptist, and Roswell United Methodist.
  • For FOCUS in Harris Co. and Pine Mountain, which coordinates for those with a heart to serve on the free afternoon at the Perimeter's Men's Retreat.
  • Patience from those few whose houses have produced real challenges for HRM.
  • The vision for Unite! and the participating churches that are having an impact on Kingdom cooperation and community impact.

End of The Year

December 31 is The Deadline

We know that God has given some wonderful opportunities to financially support His Kingdom this year. However, if you still need a place to invest, especially as the end of most people's tax year approaches, lay HRM before the Lord to see how He might lead. Anything you give will be used for the work of transforming our community, for God's glory.

God's richest blessing on you and yours as we celebrate the Advent Season.

Harvey Anderson

PO Box 922194
Norcross, GA 30010

Unite Website

Home Repairs Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry serving the elderly, widowed, disabled homeowners, and others in need by helping with maintenance, safety issues, and repairs. For additional information about the ministry, call, email or write us.

Thank You for you support!

Neale Hightower - Harvey Anderson
Home Repairs Ministries, Inc.

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