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Create Your Own Short-Term Mission Trip - Quickly!

Are you considering or looking for a short-term mission opportunity for your church or family but concerned about high gas prices and travel costs in an uncertain economy? Well, we'd like to suggest an opportunity that is in your own backyard and that's cheaper and closer than a short-term mission trip out-of-state or country. Start your own home repair ministry, or pull together a team temporarily, to serve vulnerable homeowners in your own community for Christ!

Maybe you are not sure you are ready to start a home repair ministry team or know where to start. You and a friend with some tools may be able to help an elderly person with some minor repairs. The best part is that it should not take you long to pull such an event, or series of events, together.

You Are Needed

There are a growing number of low-income homeowners: widows, single mothers, the elderly and disabled, who have homes but not the means to provide for basic or emergency repairs, which puts them at risk for injury, the inability to get out of or use their home and even homelessness due to foreclosure and condemnation. Community non-profits, which provide critical services to these same groups, face similar issues with their facilities in a down economy. These folks are probably already in your community (which provides an excellent opportunity to present the gospel to them in deed and Word), or they may be in your own church. If you know where and how to look (read on) and have a little time, you can line up a project or couple projects to cover a couple days/weekends.

Do you know how great a need exists for people who can serve with tools? According to a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 64% of Americans don't have enough cash on hand to handle a $1,000 emergency expense1. As a matter of fact, a recent HomeServe survey shows that one in five surveyed homeowners faced a repair they could not afford.2 And for the demographics we serve, doing the repairs themselves is usually not an option. What a great opportunity to help the poor and vulnerable in your community!

Suggestions for a Local Short-Term Home Repair Mission Trip (for homeowners)

So how do you start looking for your short-term mission trip opportunity? Harvey Anderson, Executive Director for Home Repairs Ministries, shares some ideas:

  • Contact your local or county senior services agency volunteers coordinator to see what they know of that needs volunteers.
  • Contact Dept. of Family and Children's Services (or whatever it's called near you) to see whether they know of a low-income family fostering children and in need of home repair help. This is especially needed where there are teens being fostered.
  • Contact agencies that help people with disabilities to see if they can direct you to a need.
  • Are there single mothers in your church network (members and their extended families and neighbors) whose homes need attention but cannot pay for maintenance?
  • Has there been a localized disaster, e.g. a flood or tornado that swept through a neighborhood and needs a response (though it may not officially be a declared emergency, see how those in the path feel about it)?  Call your county or state Emergency Management Agency to see whom to contact about helping.
  • Inner-city/low-income neighborhood church leaders often know of someone in their congregation who needs help. Use the opportunity to serve alongside other Christ-followers.
  • Make sure that you have a waiver to cover accidents and extra insurance for your team if needed.

The information you need to get started is available on our website. There's no charge for the information. Apply Now

1 – Sourced from National Foundation for Credit Counseling August 15th blog - http://financialeducation.nfcc.org
2 – October 3 Fox Business News Article

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