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May 2014 Newsletter - Serving People with Mobility Needs

Tonya's FamilyIf you have read our newsletter for very long, you have likely seen articles about wheelchair ramps, lifts, track systems, walkways, widened doorways, grab bars, loose railings, and other ways to address people’s mobility needs.

While the means to the end can vary wildly, the end always remains the same - showing and sharing Christ’s love with people in a highly practical way, helping them gain more use of their homes and independence while improving their quality of life. That is loving our neighbors as ourselves and thanking the Father who demonstrated His love to us in the person of Jesus.

Here are a few examples of how supporters, volunteers and HRM have helped make a difference:

  • People in unsafe situations and facing their homes being condemned, which could result in institutionalization, stayed in their home because HRM was able to make repairs.
  • Others, released from rehab centers, could go home because we made it accessible. They also now had a way out in the face of a fire or other emergency.
  • Bathrooms were adapted to allow people to get in and out on their own, preserving dignity and independence.
  • Home repairs were made that enabled caregivers to physically move their loved ones in, out and within the home and prevented lifting injuries to both the caregiver and receiver.

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