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May 2014 Newsletter - Ashley's Story

Ashley mobility projectMost of us just walk up steps, through doors and across carpet without a second thought. But what if, all of a sudden, you couldn’t?

Ashley has been fighting multiple sclerosis (MS) for several years. She is in a wheelchair, and the resistance created by their carpet was making it increasingly difficult for her to access different areas of the house. She needed to replace her flooring, but medical expenses were making a solution difficult to find.

Ashley and her husband could afford the materials, but not the labor needed to install it. Where could they turn? Enter the local church and HRM... Ashley and her husband purchased laminate flooring to replace the carpet. The Home Repairs volunteers from their church worked with HRM staff for the installation. When the project was completed, Ashley could more easily use their kitchen, living area, foyer and hallway.

She commented about how much easier everyday activities were with their new flooring. And finally, to pass on the blessing, they donated their beautiful carpet to HRM for use in someone else’s home when needed.

Mobility and Accessibility - A Huge Kingdom Opportunity

How HRM Serves People with Mobility Needs

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